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The Experience, Alameda: C’era Una Volta Kitchen + Catering Weekly

September 27, 2022
The Experience: Take the Taste of Tuscany Home with You for the Week! Chef Rudy’s offering up a weekly lunch/dinner program with menu items changing weekly. Here’s how it works: three ready-made meals for two people or six ready-made meals for one person. You select three entrees which includes one salad and focaccia. Order by Friday. Pickup on Tuesday. It’s only $13.33/meal or $80. Imagine one of those times where you see that the following week you have back-to-back meetings and events. Order by Friday. Pick it up on Tuesday and you are set! Plus, a wonderful dinner to look forward to when you get home. This week’s sample menu includes three salads and seven entrees, including lasagna,  pizza sausage and radicchio, vegan pizza with mushrooms, vegan risotto with sa>>Read more

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