The Experience, Alameda: Faction Brewing Co. Hoppy Cyclones

October 13, 2021
The Experience: Cyclone Beers Crush It! First there was DDH, then TDH…how do you pack more hop madness into an IPA? Faction first debuted Citra Cyclone last year, using 6 different forms of Citra. This year they’ve made 4 Cyclone beers, with Citra and Mosaic receiving a 7th hop product, Spectrum, which imparts added hop aroma, in the fermenter. “Faction absolutely crushed it on their Cyclone series, featuring 7 forms of the same hop per beer!” comments Sunday Cyclone taster, Jamie Waldear. “Powerful amounts of tropical notes take over the pallet. Would highly recommend! 10/10.” These massively hopped IPAs celebrate the essence, flavors, and aromas of each unique hop by using at least 6 different hop products per beer. Check out their Sampler Box or order single 4 pks of Citra Cyclone>>Read more
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